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Honey for Wound Healing

Melladerm Plus, Honey Gel

Honey has been used for wound healing for over 4,000 years however has only recently been rediscovered by modern medicine. Records of people covering wounds with honey stretch back to ancient Egypt, as Dioscorides reported in 50 AD1


The development of medical grade honey products - Melladerm Plus - means that the properties of honey as a healing agent can be used to treat large varieties of different situations; from deep wounds or  infected leg ulcers to burns, cuts, grazes, scratches, insect bites, etc.      

Using medical honey on a wound is now advocated by many Healthcare professionals however it is also reported that pure honey can be painful when in use on a wound. Additionally modern woundcare practice advocates maintaining a moist wound environment to aid the healing process.             

Users should also be aware that honey is produced from different floral sources and the antibacterial activity can vary depending on the origin of the honey and particularly how it is processed.               

Melladerm Plus contributes to these requirements, consigning two myths about wound healing to history:              

If it isn't hurting it isn't working - 100% pure honey products can cause pain by having an excess sucking effect (osmosis) on the wound bed. Additionally it has been reported that the initial application of the honey can cause a stinging pain, which often persists. This may all be good for healing but doesn't and shouldn't have to be painful. Melladerm Plus is a specifically selected honey which is then diluted to ensure all the healing and antibacterial properties are maintained whilst potential for the pain is negligible.              

Let the air get at it - A wound kept moist and covered is far more likely to heal. Melladerm Plus provides the ideal moist environment for optimal healing.              

Melladerm Plus is made from honey from the Bulgarian Mountains - a pure multi-flower region and free of potential contaminants to the product (heavy metals).   


We offer Melladerm Plus as an ointment, in 50g tubes, or as a "Tulle" - this is a gauze dressing impregnated with the honey formulation, which will effectively cover wounds up to 10cm x 10cm without the need for extra dressings.


Melladerm Plus Ointment Tubes

       Melladerm Plus, 10cm x 10cm Tulle Dressing

Having access to a proven fast acting ointment is invaluable. Melladerm Plus will:  


· Accelerate Debridement (Removal of Dead Tissue)          

· Control Odour     

· Stop the Growth of Bacteria in the Wound            

· Reduce Inflammation           

· Encourage Healing     


There is a wealth of clinical data supporting the use of honey in wound healing and specifically for Melladerm Plus. Additionally the product is CE Marked as a Medical Device in accordance with EU requirements.   
As well as the above article, we have compiled a list of clinical references and also instructions for use however if you are in any doubt, or require more information please do contact us.   

Deep Wound Prior to treatment with Melladerm Plus

Wound healed after 2 months using Melladerm Plus Honey ointment

Melladerm Plus is available to buy online, as an ointment in 50g Tubes, or as a dressing (Tulle) in 10cm x 10cm size. For your convenience, our prices below are inclusive of postage and VAT for Worldwide delivery. For further information on this product please give us a call on +44 (0)7974 208651. 

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Melladerm Plus, Honey Gel, 50g Tube


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Melladerm Plus, Honey Dressing, 10cmx10cm


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Melladerm Plus, Honey Dressing, 10cmx10cm, Pack of 10


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