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Fresh Approaches in Medical Devices

Market Research Reports for Medical Devices

At ADI Medical UK, we are proud to be able to have helped many companies, now and in the past with their sales and marketing programmes. This has included providing market research data. Sometimes it can be difficult to find reliable data at a reasonable price. We have therefore embarked on providing the Medical Devices sector with quality research and market estimates that is both accurate and cost effective.



Our reports cover the key market sectors, in most cases for the whole of Europe. These are based on our accurate model and research methodologies for assessing the Medical Devices markets of Europe and focus on market sizes, growth (or decline), key players, clinical outlooks and future opportunities.




We cover many device areas— Wound Care, Urology,  Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Patient Monitoring. Additionally, we have specialized reports available on the global outlook for Medical Devices and current analysis of the structures of European healthcare and reimbursement systems.


Our reports are specific and focused to key Medical Device areas, concentrating on key product sectors within the clinical fields, all from just £144!


Currently available reports are detailed below and you can see a summary and headings for each report by following the relevant link.


These can all be delivered in PDF format, by Email, within 3-5 business days of ordering and receipt of payment. If you require a hard copy, or a DVD, there is a small extra charge and these will be sent to you in the mail.


We trust you will find this an overdue and cost effective service to help in the planning and future successful development of your business.



Market Research Reports

Healthcare Systems and Reimbursement for Medical Devices in Europe


Analysis of the differing healthcare systems, how reimbursement works and can be capitalised on. Up to date for EU Countries in 2016

Advanced Wound Care Markets


Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels, Foams, Films, Protease Modulators, Anti-Microbials and Honey

Urology Markets in Europe


BPH, Uro-Gyanaecology, Urinary Catheters, Prostate and Bladder Cancer, Stone Management


Surgical Procedures in Europe


Assessment of surgery volumes, values and trends in major European markets. Including Laparoscopy, General Surgery, Urology and Gynaecology procedures.

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