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Fresh Approaches in Medical Devices



About Us


We specialise in a unique mix of expertise within healthcare products and services. Based in the UK we sell products and provide services internationally in the field of Medical Devices and Equipment.


Our Products cover an ever growing portfolio in fields, including Gynaecology, Wound Care and Patient Monitoring.


Our Services expertise also allows us to offer cost effective consultancy and market intelligence services in the field of Medical Devices across a broad range of clinical disciplines, including:


General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, Wound Care, Patient Monitoring, Orthopaedics, ENT.


We also provide focus information on structures, policies, developments and reimbursement systems on the healthcare markets of Europe. This gives clients low cost information to aid decision making on access and launch startegies



           Melladerm Plus

Honey Gel for Wounds

Melladerm Plus, Honey for Wound Healing


Medical honey offers many advantages in wound healing and has abilities to meet all the requirements of modern wound management, whilst the source and processing of our product will negate the pain sometimes experienced with using honey products.

Available as an ointment or impregnated to a tulle dressing, the product is suitable for large varieties of wound from burns, scratches and grazes, to hard to heal ulcers.

Melladerm Plus is available for online purchase through our site.


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Red Cosmetic Toothpaste,

for Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Email Diamant, Formula Rouge Toothpaste


This is the natural successor to Gordon Moores toothpaste, a product many remember but discontinued for some time.

The Red Formula with natural light reflectors and extra-gentle polishing agents delivers an immediate whitening effect, right after brushing by adding pink colour to the gums.

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Whiteness, Anti Stain, Protection


Email Diamant, Advanced Formula Toothpastes


Four brands, offering  protection, whiteness, brightness and anti-stain properties.

Anti-Stain—Rediscovering teeth’s natural whiteness

Bicarbonate & Fluoride—Whiteness & purity

Cure Intensive Blancheur—Intensive whiteness treatment  


  Consultancy & Market Research



Consultancy & Market Research


With over 25 years experience in the Medical Devices field and an intense knowledge of global healthcare markets we are able to offer a unique combination of consultancy support, distribution management and market research intelligence.

Either as a defined project, or specific report, please view this section of our site here. You can purchase research reports online for as little as £150. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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