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Effective Management for Difficult Wounds

Confort, Wound Management Systems

Our Wound Management Systems are a unique range of products designed for the effective management of large, difficult and, or high output wounds and fistulae.


· 3 Sizes, allow accommodation of wounds up to 35cm x 19cm (14" x 7 1/2"), giving flexibility to manage the most challenging wounds and amongst the largest products available.    

Key features include:


· Hydrocolloid formulation - Provides exceptional adhesion and flexibility.


· Integral Collection Pouch - offers large drainage and collection capabilities, designed for the highest output wounds. Now features a soft, material backing for extra comfort.


· Inlet and Outlet Ports - Allows fluid instillation and remote drainage. 


· Large Zip-Lock Access System - Facilitates easy and secure access to wound area, without disturbing the wound    


Wound Management System, in 3 sizes


Thin, Flexible Hydrocolloid


Unique Zip-Lock Access System


Wound Management System, is a collection pouch, capable of adhering to the skin. The product consists of a wafer of hydrocolloid material and an integral collection system.

The product is intended to collect exudates from large wounds, fistulae or sinuses. Drainage ports attached to the collection system allow, in certain circumstances, for the exudates to be drained to remote containers, away from the immediate wound area.

The wound area can be accessed for cleaning and dressing, using a novel and large zip lock access window, running the length of the pouch.


Product Range: 

Wound Management System, Small, to fit wounds up to 17cm x 10cm  Code - 7OS3010    

Wound Management System, Medium, to fit wounds up to 27cm x 14cm  Code - 7OS3020    

Wound Management System, Large, to fit wounds up to 35cm x 19cm  Code - 7OS3030    

All in boxes of 5, or single units, individually pouched, sterile


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