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Advanced Formula Whitening Toothpastes

Email Diamant - White, Bright, Anti-Stain

The success of Email Diamant, Formula Rouge indicated that further products could be developed and supplied under the Email Diamant brand.

To this end, we are very pleased to be able to offer four further toothpaste products, each with it’s own unique attributes and able to deliver whiteness and protection to teeth, by virtue of their own specific formulations to give whatever you are looking for in a toothpaste.


Email Diamant Anti-Stain

· Effective against stains - Coffee, Tea and Nicotine        

· Rediscover teeth's natural whiteness      

· Fresh breath and superior hygiene        


Double action formula eliminates set-in stains thanks to a combination of 3 cleaning and polishing agents, acting in synergy.        

Prevents staining by reinforcing and smoothing enamel, whilst eliminating calcium residue forming tartar films

Email Diamant, Cure Intensive Blancheur


High Performance for Exceptional Whiteness


· Up to 4 shades whiter in 3 weeks 

· Polishing agents eliminate surface stains & plaque 

Combines the performance of whitening agents and anti-stain properties for enhanced efficiency in maintaining tooth whiteness and strength 


Email Diamant, Bicarbonate & Fluoride




· Daily toothpaste 

· Based on the properties of Sodium Bicarbonate    

· Natural whitening and purifying action

· Gentle with tooth enamel  

A combined action of cleaning agents and bicarbonate whitening effectively dissolves plaque and surface stains, while strengthening and protecting enamel and gums. 


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Online Purchase:


Email Diamant, Anti Stain Toothpaste


50mL Tube

Code: 125300


Email Diamant, Cure Intensive Blancheur Toothpaste


50 mL Tube

Code: 124751

Email Diamant, Bicarbonate & Fluoride Toothpaste


50mL Tube

Code: 708457


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